CSO = Certified Safety Officer


CSO "On Call" Services

If your company is too busy or too small to employ a full-time Certified Safety Officer – or if your current safety officer is just too busy – Pro Safety can help.

Pro Safety will provide “on call” CSO services for a fraction of the cost of employing your own safety professional. Gain years of expertise without the overhead of another “full time” employee.

CSO "On Call" Services include: 

  1. Assist in safety program setup.
  2. Review effectiveness of existing safety programs.
  3. Provide periodic or scheduled safety inspections and hazard assessments.
  4. Provide your employees with training: ie, proper use & fit of PPE, respirators, tool safety, doing hazard assessments, etc.
  5. Provide mentoring to your employees to teach them to effectively manage safety in their own departments.
  6. Provide “in house” training courses, at your convenience. Courses include all those found on this website and others offered through our certified partners.
  7. Conduct safety meetings.
  8. Foster a “safety culture” among your employees.

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