Shocking Statistic

From 1998 - 2002, more than 700,019 Albertans experienced a work-related injury, which equates to the population of Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan combined. 

(Source: Workers Compensation Board, Alberta)


Safety Consulting Services - Not Currently Offered

Every company needs to develop and foster a "safety culture" within their organization. 

Whether you are trying to build a safety program from “scratch” or are trying to improve an already effective safety program, Pro Safety Services can help. Our highly skilled consultants will come alongside your company’s professionals and help you build the best possible health and safety program.

An Effective Safety Program

Your effective safety program must have these 3 basic elements:

  1. Policies & Procedures (lays the foundation of your program)
  2. Employee Training (ensures that your employees have the knowledge and skill to safely perform their jobs)
  3. Ongoing Monitoring & Maintenance (identifies successes as well as areas where improvement is necessary)

Pro Safety can help you with any or all of these basic components.

Pro Safety Consulting Services 

  • Safety program setup, monitoring and auditing
  • Safety program evaluations
  • Accident and incident investigations
  • Safety culture evaluations


  1. Set up your safety program from the ground up.
  2. Conduct safety seminars and training. (courses listed on this website, as well as others via our trusted “partner providers”)
  3. Train your employees to self administer an effective safety program.
  4. Review the effectiveness of your existing safety programs.
  5. Provide periodic or scheduled safety inspections and hazard assessments.
  6. Monitor your record keeping, statistics, etc.- ensuring they are kept up to date and contain all required and relevant information.
  7. Provide COR® and SECOR® program evaluations and setup and audits. By having your company COR® or SECOR® certified, you can save on WCB rates as well as earn valuable rebates for program participation. This process alone can pay for the services of our professionals, many times over.
  8. Conduct Pre Audit inspections of your facilities and conduct pre audit interviews with your employees to ensure that you are successful in attaining COR® or SECOR® certification.


Your Company Will Benefit

Your investment in employee safety will be rewarded in happier, healthier and safer employees. You will not only be creating a healthier working environment, you will also save money in reduced WCB premiums and injury and accident costs.

Call today to discuss how you can get our safety professionals working for you. Our initial consultation is free of charge and you will not be obligated in any way.