Safety Mentorship Service

Every company needs to develop and foster a "safety culture" within their organization.

One creative way is by having one of our safety professionals come alongside one or more of your employees to act as a mentor. The goal of this mentoring relationship is to have your own safety professionals progress toward independence as they gain confidence in professionally administering your own safety program.

Gain years of expertise without the overhead of another “full time” employee.

What Safety Mentors Do 

Our safety mentor can provide any or all of the following functions:

  1. Coaching on effective program setup.
  2. Coaching in how to review the effectiveness of existing safety programs.
  3. Provide periodic or scheduled safety co - inspections and hazard assessments. This allows your safety professional to gain valuable experience and confidence by working alongside an experienced professional.
  4. Monitor & Coaching to insure that record keeping, statistics, etc. are kept up to date and contain all required and relevant information.
  5. Exclusive “call me”® service – your safety professional is given exclusive 24 – 7 access to a safety professional who can answer questions anytime or even to help them to respond to emergency situations..
  6. Foster a “safety culture” among your employees.

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