Alberta Safety Legislation

256(1) “A worker must not operate powered mobile equipment unless the worker

(a) is trained to operate the equipment,

(b) has demonstrated competency in operating the equipment to a competent worker designated by the employer,

(c) is familiar with the equipment's operating instructions."

(Source: Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code – Part 19)


ATV Certified Safety Training - Not Currently Available

(not currently available - contact us for personalized reccommendations)

If your employees use ATVs in the performance of their jobs, they need training!

Can you prove that your workers are competent to ride ATVs as part of their job performance?

Having them participate in our "Safe Rider Course" can help you meet the requirements of legislation, as well as give you peace of mind that they have been adequately trained to safely operate an ATV.

Shocking Statistics

5,791 ATV-related deaths have been reported in the U.S. since 1982.

The estimated risk of death for four-wheel ATVs in 2002 was 1.1 deaths per 10,000 four-wheel ATVs in use.

(Source: United States Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Course Details

This course is riding intensive – no classroom work. The emphasis is on teaching safe riding techniques and evaluating the rider's skills. *

Topics covered in the course include:

  1. ATV safety pre-inspection (T-CLOC)
  2. Proper PPE selection and use
  3. Safe start-up procedures (BONE-C)
  4. Safe turning and braking
  5. Emergency stopping
  6. Safe riding strategies (SIPDE)
  7. Collision Avoidance
  8. Riding on hills
  9. Riding over obstacles
  10. Emergency preparedness
  11. Safe loading and unloading
  12. Trail ride (optional, no extra charge, depending on course location)

Each participant will receive ATV rider course handbook to keep. Successful participants will receive a certificate from the Canada Safety Council ®.

Course Length: 6 – 8 Hours (max. course size 8 riders; minimum course size - 6 students)

Course Cost: $225 + GST / Rider

* Please call us for course field requirements. Each participant must bring his or her own ATV in safe, serviceable condition. Each course participant must come with adequate PPE: sturdy, above the ankle boots, helmet, riding goggles (or visor), and sturdy jacket. Courses proceed “rain or shine,” so come prepared for the weather.