Alberta Safety Legislation

Did you know that in Alberta:

"... an employer must ensure that a lifting device i s only operated by a competent worker authorized by the employer to operate the equipment,"


"... an employer must insure that rigging to be used during the work shift is inspected thoroughly at the beginning of the shift to insure that it is functional and safe."

(Source: Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code – Part 6, 64 (1); Part 21, 294)


Overhead Crane Safety Training

Can you prove that your workers are competent and have received training on safe crane operations and rigging?

Having them participate in our Overhead Crane Safety Course can help you meet the requirements of the legislation -- as well as give you peace of mind that they have been given adequate information on the safe operations of overhead cranes.

This course is classroom intensive -- approximately 4 - 5 hours of classroom instruction -- followed by a practical test to evaluate the operator's ability to safely inspect and operate the overhead crane, as well as rigging materials.

Course Details

Topics covered:

  1. Introduction to Alberta OH & S Legislation
    • Part 2 (Hazard Assessment)
    • Part 6 (Cranes, Hoists and Lifting Devices)
    • Part 16 (Locking Out)
    • Part 18 (PPE)
    • Part 21 (Rigging)
  2. Safe Crane Practices
    • Crane Inspections (Scheduled)
    • Crane Inspections (Daily Checks)
    • Safe Crane Operations
  3. Sling Safety & Safe Rigging Practices
    • Types of Slings
    • Sling Load Capacities and Angle Effect
    • Sling Maintenance
    • Sling Inspection & Rejection Criteria
    • Safe Sling Use Guidelines
    • Safe Slinging Exercise - Calculation Portion
  4. Crane Signals
  5. Practical Lifting Exercise (students perform load calculations and then conduct lift using customer-specified lift)
  6. Written Exam (70% pass mark required)

Each participant will receive a detailed participant manual to keep. Successful participants will receive a certificate from Pro Safety Services (valid for 3 years).

Course Length: 6 - 8 Hours (min. class size 6; max. class size 16)

Course Cost: $205 + GST / Student (minimum of 6 students per course)  Call for Group Discounts (over 8 Students)

* Please call for equipment and space requirements.