Chainsaw Safety Awareness Course

Increase your peace of mind by knowing that your employees have received safety training on safe chainsaw use. This course was designed specifically for occasional chainsaw user.

Having them participate in our Chainsaw Safety Awareness Course can help you meet the requirements of the legislation - as well as give you peace of mind that they have been given adequate information on safe chainsaw operation.

This course is classroom & practical intensive. Approximately 4 hours of classroom instruction - followed by about 4 hours of actual chainsaw practice.

Shocking Statistics

North America's Most Dangerous Job

"Loggers recorded 85 fatalities in 2004, a rate of 92.4 deaths for every 100,000 workers, more than 22 times the rate among all workers." (Source:, September 23, 2005)

Course Details

Topics covered in the course include:

  1. Introduction to Alberta OH & S Legislation
    • Part 2 (Hazard Assessment)
    • Part 16 (Noise)
    • Part 18 (PPE)
    • Part 25 (Chainsaw)
  2. Basic Chainsaw Maintenance
    • Regular Maintenance Schedule
    • Daily Maintenance Requirements
    • Chain Sharpening
    • Chainsaw Fueling
  3. Cutting Basics
    • Ten Commandments of Chainsaw Safety
    • Cutting Basics - Types of Notches
    • Cutting Basics - Using Wedges
    • Cutting Basics – Falling, Limbing & Bucking
    • Difficult Trees / Situations & How to Deal with Them
  4. Practical Cutting Exercises - Students learn to perform cuts safely while under one-on-one supervision. Actual tree falling is also included (if access is available).
  5. Written Exam (70% pass mark required)

Each participant will receive a detailed participant manual to keep. Successful participants will receive a certificate from Pro Safety Services / Aggressive Training Services (valid for 3 years).

Course Length: 8 – 10 Hours, depending on class size (min. class size 8; max. class size 12)

Course Cost: $195.00 + GST / Stuent - Call for Group Discounts

* Please call for equipment and timber requirements. Important Note: This is NOT a faller certification course. It is an awareness course for companies who desire their employees, who use chainsaws periodically, to have a basic level of understanding of safe chainsaw usage and injury prevention.