Alberta Safety Legislation

44(1) An employer must have a written code of practice governing the practices and procedures to be followed when workers enter and work in a confined space.

(2) The code of practice must

(a) take into account and apply the requirements of the Part and section 169

(b) be maintained and periodically reviewed, and

(c) identify all existing and potential confined space work locations at a work site

(3) A worker involved in any aspect of a confined space entry must comply with the requirements and procedures in the code of practice.

46(1) An employer must ensure that a worker assigned duties related to confined space entry is trained by a competent person in

(a) recognizing the hazards associated with working in confined spaces, and

(b) performing the worker’s duties in a safe and health (sic) manner.

(2) An employer must keep records of the training given under subsection (1)

(Source: Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code – Part 5 )


Confined Space Awareness & Entry 

If your employees must enter a confined space as part of their job, they need training!

Shocking Statistics 

Each year in the U.S., more than 13,000 workers are injured in confined space incidents. 5,000 of these injuries are regarded as serious. Of these injuries, 60 will result in the death of the injured person.

(Source: United States Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Course Details

Pro Safety can help you set up your confined space entry program and help you by training your employees in confined space safety.

Can you prove that your workers are competent and properly trained in safe “Confined Space Entry”?

Having them participate in one of our “Confined Space Entry Awareness” programs, can help you meet the requirements of the legislation, as well as give you peace of mind.

Pro Safety offers two different Confined Entry courses for your consideration:

Confined Space Awareness 

This course is classroom intensive. Approx. 4 – 6 hours of classroom instruction, followed by a theory test to insure that your employees understand all the important facets of “confined space entry.”

Topics covered:

  1. Identifying confined spaces
  2. OH & S Code Requirements for Confined Space Entry
  3. Confined Space Hazards
  4. Safe Work Procedures and Guidelines
     Includes the Following Important Topics:
    • Pre Entry Planning
    • Entry Procedures:
    • Safe Work Permit (include digital templates you can modify for your own use)
    • Lockout / Tag Out Procedures
    • Isolation Procedures
    • Purging
    • Testing
    • PPE (including practical discussion of different monitor types, etc.)
    • Safety Attendant – Description & Responsibilities
    • Rescue procedures
    • Rescue Personnel
    • Training
    • Communication Requirements
    • Equipment Requirements
    • Debriefing (after entry, or incident
    • Emergency Response Plan Exercise (where your employees develop an ERP using “real world” examples)  
  5. Theory Exam

Each participant will receive a 50 page handbook to keep. Successful participants will receive a certificate from Aggressive Training Services®.

This course is offered in partnership (and with great appreciation) with Aggressive Training Services ( Athabasca, Ab.)

Course Length: 4 Hours (max. course size 20, min. course size 8)

Course Cost: $145 + GST / Student - Call for Group Discounts (over 8 students)

Confined Space Awareness PLUS Confined Space Entry Practicum (Level II)

This course includes the entire theory portion of the above listed course PLUS your employees will receive practical instruction and practice in confined space entry.

The confined space entry training vessel is a portable training unit the will allow you to evaluate the ability of your employees to enter and navigate a confined space which simulates what they would need to do in the case of emergency.

Confined Space Practicum Includes the Following Exercises:

  1. Confined Space Vessel Entry & Navigation (w / lights)
  2. Confined Space Vessel Entry & Navigation (w/ total darkness) –simulates power outage and emergency situations
  3. Confined Space Vessel Entry & Navigation w/ SABA (Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus) – light and darkness
  4. Confined Space Vessel Entry & Navigation w/ SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) – light and darkness

This course includes practical training on the fit and use of SCBA & SABA masks and apparatus. This course is a great way to determine if your employees are suited for further training in confined space rescue operations.

Pro Safety will deliver an advanced training vessel to your site and provide all the gear required for exercises. (call for discounts if you would like to provide your own SCBA, or SABA)

Each participant will receive a 50 page handbook to keep. Successful participants will receive a certificate from Aggressive Training Services ® detailing the level of entry success achieved.

If your employees are involved in regular confined space entry – this course is a must!

Course Length: 8 + Hours (max course size 12, min. course size is 8)

Course Cost: $245 + GST + Mileage Charge for Confined Space Entry Vessel - Call for Group Discounts.

This course is offered in partnership (and with great appreciation) with Aggressive Training Services Ltd. ( Athabasca, Ab.)