Alberta Safety Legislation

256(1) “A workers must not operate powered mobile equipment unless the worker

(a) is trained to operate the equipment
(b) has demonstrated competency in operating the equipment to a competent worker designated by the employer
(c) is familiar with the equipment’s operating instructions

(Source: Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code – Part 19)

14.23 (1) . . . every employer shall insure that every operator of motorized materials handling equipment has been instructed and trained in the procedures to be followed for:

(a) its inspection
(b) its fuelling
(c) its safe and proper use

(Source: Government of Canada – Health and Safety Regulation – Part XIV)


Forklift Operator Safety Course

If your employees use forklifts in the performance of their jobs, they need training!

Shocking Statistics 

In the United States, 1,021 workers died from traumatic injuries suffered in forklift-related incidents from 1980 to 1994. The NTOF Surveillance System uses death certificates to identify work-related deaths. These fatalities resulted from the following types of incidents:

Type of incident - % total victims
Forklift overturns - 22%
Worker on foot struck by forklift - 20%
Victim crushed by forklift - 16%
Fall from forklift - 9%

It gets worse! The Bureau of Labor Statistics CFOI identified 94 fatal injuries associated with forklifts in 1995 [BLS 1997].

(Source: National Institute of Safety and Health – NIOSH)

Course Details

Having your workers participate in our "Industrial Forklift Operator Training Course" can help you meet the requirements of the legislation – as well as give you peace of mind that they have been given adequate information on the safe operations of industrial forklifts.

This course is classroom intensive – approx 6 – 8 hours of classroom instruction, followed by a practical test where the operator’s ability to safely maneuver the fork truck as well as move loads is evaluated. The emphasis is on teaching safe forklift operating procedures as well as evaluating the driver’s basic forklift handling skills.

Topics covered in the course include:

  1. Forklift Styles & Distinctives
  2. Forklift Daily Inspection Procedures (Includes templates you can use)
  3. Safe Start up procedures
  4. Safe Turning & Braking
  5. Load Safety & Management
  6. Safe Refuelling, Battery Re-Charging
  7. Stability Principles - “The Stability Pyramid”
  8. Forklift Safety on Ramps and Uneven Terrain
  9. Manufacturers Capacity Data Plate
  10. Transporting a Load
  11. Practical Test – Tests the participant’s ability to safely inspect, mount forklift, open fuel, start, maneuver the forklift, lift and place loads, and safely park the forklift after maneuvering is complete. (Note: operators should be trained on basic forklift operations before attending this course – this is primarily a safety awareness course, rather than a basic operation course)

Each participant will receive a 65 page handbook to keep. Successful participants will receive a certificate and laminated wallet card from Pro Safety Services..

Course Length: 6 – 8 Hours (max. course size 12 drivers; min. 6)

Course Cost: $195 + GST / Driver - Call for Group Discounts

* Please call us for equipment & space requirements. Forklift for instruction must be in good and serviceable condition: good lifting capacity, good brakes, working horn, working backup alarm, seatbelt, etc. Each course participant must come with adequate PPE: sturdy above the ankle boots, etc. (per your company policy)